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Based in the UK

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Currently in stock we have Wind shields for the following Microphones:

Zoom H1

Zoom H2

Zoom H2n

Zoom H4 & H4n

Tascam DR-05

Tascam DR-07

Tascam DR-07 MKII

Tascam DR-40

Tascam DR-100

Rode M3

Your Mic not listed here?

More models are coming soon.

FREE POSTAGE on all orders within the UK


LOW POSTAGE COST for orders outside the UK

Our fabulous furry microphone windshields are hand-made with pride in the UK and offer high quality performance at an affordable price, shipped to anywhere in the world.

Direct from this website we offer:


Zoom H2n wind shield

Now completed & ready!

Zoom H2n windshield now available!

As amateur audio enthusiasts, we were very excited by the arrival of the brand new Zoom H4n with its 5 mics and file recovery system if your batteries die.

We have now designed and developed a high-quality wind shield for it. The windshield is available from this website and is priced far less than the cost of the additional kit you have to buy just to get your hands on the foam wind shield!

New Zoom H1 Upgraded Design!

Now a 3-piece windshield kit

Thanks to the new recently installed manufacturing equipment, We’ve gone through all our designs and re-modelled any that needed to be made better.

The old Zoom H1 kit was excellent, but a little bit “Heath Robinson!”

The brand new, greatly improved version has a built-in shock-mount system, is elasticated and it’s design has eliminated the need for the use of elastic bands. It looks more professional and will no longer fall off the end of the mic.

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